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Soft Leather Shoes‹

for Young and Old

Piloo Handmade Soft Leather Shoes
Piloo Handmade Soft Leather Shoes
Piloo Handmade Soft Leather Shoes

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We make leather shoes with soft treads, mostly for the newborn-school age range (but also in grown up-size if needed), based on custom requirements or ready-made patterns. Our materials are first-class sheep or cow nappa leather. We developed our designs based on our own children’s needs as well as the feedbacks from our customers.



These shoes are usually made for home use, but they can be worn outside too in a clean garden or yard. We mostly work to order,

however we have a small stock of our most popular products. We provide opportunity to agree on the color, pattern and the size and

to work out your own ideas too.

100% handmade 


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